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With years of corporate experience, it was 0ur own experience with digital marketing agencies and website designers that made us realise that there is a very distinct gap between cheap production like website factories or the poor quality work coming from online task collation marketplaces and large professional design agencies.

We noticed that with this discrepancy, small and mid-sized businesses that needed more than cheap poor quality design were not well-served by larger agencies purely because they were low in the priority list below clients with larger pockets.

This is where Tinker Design and Digital has been born.  Originally named Timapo Design after a brand change in 2017 we wanted to provide good quality websites and design for a reasonable price and prioritise small and mid-sized businesses first.  If you are a small or medium business we have the team that you will love to work with to get your business noticed.


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t is not easy to find the right web designers that can understand the needs of your business in developing your online presence as well as creating an appealing design for your website that is practical and easy for you to use. Tinker Design & Digital understands this and wants to work with you to make sure you not only get a great website

but are also supported in its ongoing maintenance as well as making ourselves available for any questions you have 24/7. But don’t worry… we charge you no extra for great service and peace of mind, we believe in looking after our customers as part of the package. If this sounds good to you contact us for a free quote today!

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